My Trip Back to Spain

Last night, I fell asleep with my mind back in Seville, Spain. I was in my room, looking out my balcony window, watching the sun set along the Guadalquivir River. I decided to go meet some friends, and as I walked through the living room, I saw my señora asleep with her computer on her lap and pictures of her grandkids on her screen.

Walking across the Triana bridge, I heard music playing along the river, and I saw lights casting up along the Torre del Oro. It was warm, but there was a cool evening breeze… perfect for jeans and a light jacket. I slowly made my way along the busy street, cutting through little sidewalk bars and cafés.

As I came up to the Cathedral to meet my friends, I started to hear the magnificent bells chime the hour as the last few rays of sun casted a glow around the world’s largest gothic cathedral. We decided to take a horse and carriage ride to the Plaza de España, where we rowed boats around the canal.

We grabbed some ice cream and continued to reminisce about our short time in Spain as we walked back home. Not gonna lie, it was a perfect summer evening in Spain.


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