Why I Can Direct

By title, I’m the director for the first 5th & 6th grade camp at Camp Challenge. But that’s only because…

… I have a loving and supportive family, who hears all my thoughts and crazy brainstorming ideas throughout the entire year, and invests every bit of energy into camp as I do

… I have an amazing church family who supports the camp in countless ways, and graciously listens as I ask them year after year if they’d give up an entire week of vacation time in the middle of July to be surrounded by 80-100 fifth and sixth graders

… I have an incredible, competent staff of counselors every year who actually choose to be in a cabin with 7-10 preteen campers for every minute of four days, keeping them safe and investing in their spiritual lives

… I have great friends who understand why I always become slightly (more) insane in May and June, as I spend the majority of any free time finishing up camp plans

… I have awesome campers every year who make camp totally worth planning for

… I have a wise, powerful, and all-knowing God who is the true Director, and has blessed me with the incredible opportunity to serve with such amazing people.

So, all that to say, THANK YOU!


So, what do you think? Share your thoughts here...

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