God Is…

I believe God is good. I believe God is all-powerful.

I’ve been wrestling with these beliefs recently. Not in the sense of doubting them, but rather in explaining them. How do I convince people that God is good and all-powerful, and yet tragic things happen?

I know we live in a broken, sinful world. I know we’ve all sinned against God, and we all need His grace. I understand that each day is a gift, and we can’t guarantee the next day. Stoplights malfunction, doctors give us timeframes, and storms arise.

But how can some people be so evil? Even more so, how can a perfect, loving, almighty God allow people to commit such tragedies? How can one man get away with causing so much unbelievable pain and suffering in the hearts of these parents? What good could possibly come out of this?

I can’t begin to explain and rationalize why God lets these things happen, and I’m not meant to. That’s certainly not the point of this post.

As I’ve been wrestling with these questions, I have renewed a third belief about God: I believe He is the Wonderful Counselor. The Holy Spirit is present in both Portland, Oregon and Newtown, Connecticut, and He is counseling them in ways I can’t even begin to imagine, let alone explain. I must trust that He is the light in the darkness (John 1:5).

I pray that as you continue to celebrate this Christmas season, you will experience “the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding” (Phil 4:7), and I pray we will remember the birth of Emmanuel: God with us.


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