Irish Coffee Break Writing

I was in the Apple Store yesterday, trying to decide between an iMac and a Mac mini for my next computer. Not that I’m even close to actually buying one, but I like to be informed for when I finally do in a few years. As I was drooling looking over my future purchase, an Apple specialist came by to see if I had any questions. She explained some of the technical differences between the two as well as the price differences. She asked what I would primarily be using the computer for, and I told her that I’m a writer. She then asked what kind of writing I do, and I have to say that stumped me a little. What DO I write about? How do I describe my content? Ramblings on life? Short devotions? What kind of writer am I? Novelist? Poet? Essayist? Screenwriter? I have a goal to publish a novel at some point in my life, but I’m not even sure what to write about (which is exactly what an editor looks for in a writer). 

I’ve titled this blog “Coffee Break Writing” because I always thought my writing style fits well with a coffeehouse atmosphere… short, thought-provoking stories that might be read on a coffee break. But when was the last time I actually wrote a short story? Writing one story every 12-18 months doesn’t exactly classify me as a writer (this is something else an editor is dying to hear). 

I would say I don’t have time to write, but that’s an excuse. We make time for the things we value, and while I honestly do keep busy, I should make time for writing if that’s what I want to do. Turning off the TV or waking up an hour earlier would be a good start. 

I would say I don’t know what to write about (as this post began), but that’s really just another excuse. Much like art and music, writing is an expression of the heart; instead of paint and notes, though, writers use words to describe what they’re feeling. So to say I don’t know what to write about is basically to say I don’t know what I’m feeling. 

I love telling stories, and from what I hear, you enjoy reading them. I really enjoy writing, but nothing in life worth having is going to come easy. I used to think I would write just when I had a new idea or when inspiration hit me. I’ve changed my mind. If I want to become a better writer, I’m going to have to work hard for it by writing more consistently. 

My new goal is to consistently write at least one blog post per week and one short story per month. I’m still not sure how inspiration for new material will come to me each week, but it will at least provide you with more consistent reading material on your coffee breaks. (That, or it’ll drive you to acquire a taste for Irish coffee.)

So that’s my promise to you. Now you have to do me a favor. As I’m exploring my writing style, I’d like to hear feedback from you. Let me know what you think. If you like a post or story, leave a comment. If you don’t like something, write a letter to 1600 Pennsylvania Av… I mean, let me know that, too. 

I’ll also try to start incorporating more questions in my posts to encourage feedback. So to start us off, what’s one of your goals you would like to achieve, and how are you getting there?


So, what do you think? Share your thoughts here...

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