My Life as an Ex-ninja

Nearly two months ago, I told you I would write one blog post per week and one story per month. I made it sound all good, and it was somewhat revolutionizing. Seven weeks later, I’ve written one original blog post, and I have not added any new stories to my library. I could come up with a whole series of excuses, but honestly, that’s all they are. Sure, I’ve been really busy with finishing my first year of school, and the last week has been stressful with moving into my new house. But I’ve also found time to do other things, like getting an embarrassingly insane number of star fruit on Fruit Ninja. If I have time to slash fruit like a dark knight, I have time to sucker punch a blog post once a week. 

We take time for what we value in our lives. The struggle is remembering what we value in the moments when the activity of lesser value is temporarily more appealing. Feeling like a boss as I get a 5-fruit mango combo is awesome for 60 seconds, and the game is over. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with mindless entertainment, the greater value is found in accomplishing what we are gifted to do. I owe myself more than digital fruit slashing. 

And I owe you reading material. 

I have a couple of weeks before my summer classes start, so writing will be my focus for the rest of this month. I will also be taking a break from mindless activities in order to focus my attention and energy on things I value more in the long run. The payoff for me will be making writing a habit, and the payoff for you will be a surprise on May 30th. 

What “mindless activities” are you needing to substitute for things of greater value? Share in a comment below. I look forward to reading your ideas.


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