No. Nicht. Non. Pas.


Such a small but powerful word when you stop and think about it. A word that many of us don’t really like to use. It can seem negative and harsh, and it’s antithesis is often a lot easier to use: yes.

“Yes” has a much lighter feel. It’s all in agreement. No conflicts… no quarrels… everybody likes us.

So where am I going with this? I mean, we all know the difference between these words. True, but I don’t think we know how to use them correctly. At least, I know I don’t. I’m learning the responsibility of saying “no” to people asking for help.

Now before you think I’m an absolutely horrible person, I am not saying we should not help people. What I’m saying is that there is a time and place for everything. If I could devote my entire life to helping people, then I would! But I’m finding out I can’t. I can’t be in more than one place at one time, there are only 24 hours in one day, and I can’t do everything. And I’m not meant to do everything.

By saying “no, thank you” more often, I’m actually freeing myself to invest better in the things I have said yes to (my family and friends, classes, church, my self). It’s tough and uncomfortable at first, but I’m finding it’s a much better decision in the long run.

What are some things you have said (or need to say) “no” to?


So, what do you think? Share your thoughts here...

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