What are you afraid of?

Guys, I can be a blockhead sometimes.

Just kidding. I’m a smart guy. I’m decently intelligent, and I can be fairly witty. But sometimes I can’t see what’s plainly in front of me. More specifically, sometimes I’m blind to how God is working in my life.

Let me give you some context. Like the vast majority of college students right now, I’m barely awake. I can’t think or see straight from lack of sleep and cramming for final exams, projects, and papers. And like many others, I’m battling the fear of not passing a class and graduating in May.

College in general has been a struggle for me in regards to time management and balancing responsibilities. Every semester I say I’m going to do better, and generally I have improved and matured. But in the last few weeks, as the semester comes to a close and graduation nears, fear has crept into my mind. It has been telling me that I either haven’t done my best or that my best won’t be good enough.

I believe fear is the absence of truth. When we’re afraid of something, it’s typically a fear of the unknown, which is perfect ground for the enemy to spread lies. To combat fear, we have to focus on the truth.

I won’t go into a lot of detail about myself, but the truth is there have been times when I should have been studying instead of socializing. That is the truth, and while I can’t change the past, I can improve in that area in the future. Even though that’s not on any syllabus, that’s still part of learning and growing.

More importantly, the truth is God can work in ways we can’t imagine in order for His will to be done. I was reminded of that the other day. Long story short, I had some work to do for a class, and it was going to be impossible for me to finish it on time. With stress, fear, and sheer exhaustion hanging over me, I felt like two and a half years of grad school (and a cosmic amount of student loans) were about to be completely wasted. Right before crawling into a corner to cry, though, I had this simple thought: God, you know what I need to do. It’s impossible, but help me do it.

You might be disappointed to know that the clouds did not part, an angelic choir did not ring the Hallelujah Chorus through the library, nor did my keyboard magically start typing away by itself.

But a miracle did happen. In the next three hours, I wrote over 1,600 words and finished my work two hours early.

Will all of that work mean I passed my class? I honestly don’t know yet. But it is a clear sign to me that when I put my focus on the Truth—that God has called me here in order to do His ministry, and if I’m willing to do the hard work while relying on Him—He will give me the strength, wisdom, and focus I need to accomplish His will.

Now it’s your turn: what are you afraid of, and how can you combat it with Truth?


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