Cold Day

I hate the cold. I hate having to bundle up into five layers just to take out the trash. I hate having to scrape off my car because it’s covered in ice. I hate the cold, except for one thing: it forces me to slow down.

The coldness outside makes me unwind for a second and reflect. It draws me back to the warmth of inside.

I love nature and being outside in God’s creation, but I’ve also begun to learn the beauty of turning down the lights, lighting a candle, and being still before my Creator.

For someone as extroverted and energetic as me, this can be incredibly intimidating, let me tell you. But the contemplative life — the quiet, prayerful meditation that only comes when you’re still — is critically important to deepening a relationship with our Creator.

Being surrounded by nature on a warm, sunny day is beautiful, but so is listening to the soft whisper of God in a quiet room on a cold day.


First Christmas Letter

First Christmas Letter

In the vast emptiness of space, outside of time itself, I existed. Rather, I always existed. In fact I created everything there ever was. With a single word I spoke every galaxy into motion and filled them with all kinds of planets, spinning them all into orbit. There was one special planet. In it I carved mountains and oceans, and filled them with all kinds of living creatures. Everything was good, but something was missing.

See, I am love. I wanted to show my love through my creation, so I created you in my own image. You would reflect my love in a perfect, intimate relationship. You would work but not feel pain… we would walk and talk… I would know you and you would know me.

Satan, who is the complete absence of me, has deceived you and brought sin into my creation. This sin keeps you from me, and it keeps you from knowing my love.

Now while the Deceiver has some power, my power is the greatest (after all, I created the very idea of power). Even though the payment for sin is death, I cannot and will not allow my most-loved creation to exist with no way of being cleaned of your sin.

So, I have a plan (I always do). I will become flesh and live among you. I will be born as an infant, grow as a child, and live as a man. I’ll experience what you experience, and I’ll feel what you feel. I’ll have growing pains, I’ll be laughed at in school, I’ll make friends — some of whom will stick by me, others will betray me. Ultimately, I will die for you.

You won’t understand it all, but that’s okay. The maker of the universe, the Lord of all creation, entering humanity as a child, being raised by a poor family is all difficult to comprehend. But know this: I am doing it all out of love. To show my love, and for you to know my love.

After all, this isn’t any ordinary letter. It’s a love story. This is the first Christmas letter.